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there in the crimea. you have got president obama sending secretary of state john kerry to kiev. impacth is this going to this showdown between the ukraine and russia? >> it really depends very much what president obama decides to do and what president putin decides to do. is there is for sending ground troops in, and in many ways unless foreign ground troops are going, it seems difficult to see how external powers can exercise any direct influence on what happens on the ground. clearly what the american government would try to do is get russia to withdraw by threatening various sorts of bees of pressure that can applied economically, politically on the international stage. i guess that's what they are going to try to do. signals theto kiev u.s. believes key evidence in the right and russia is in the wrong and will do what it can to bring about a resolution of the issue, but as far as putin is concerned, i don't think this will cut much ice with him. he sees this as being just another instance of when the united states and europe have sought to extend their influence into what he sees as russia's trad
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1